Spring Into Summer with TLS® Weight Loss!

By: Tayler Glenn

Are you ready to hit the beaches this year looking and feeling better than ever? If you’re ready to #FindYourFit and change your life, now is the time to Spring Into Summer with TLS® Weight Loss!

Ready or not, there are only eight weeks until summer’s official start and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to commit to making real, lasting changes for a healthier you. Sunny beaches and faraway places are waiting for you to show up feeling and looking your very best, So, how about we kick these last 8 weeks of Spring into high-gear and start getting you the results you’ve been searching for?

If you’re ready to ditch the diets and start living a healthy lifestyle you love, it’s time to Spring Into Summer with TLS® Weight Loss!

What Is TLS® Weight Loss?

First things first – this isn’t a “one and done” fad diet; this is a lifestyle.

Research has shown time and time again that fad diets don’t work. Sure- you may drop a few pounds at first, but how much of that was simply water weight and what happens when the diet ends? Those trendy fads and quick fixes set you up for failure because they aren’t sustainable and don’t teach you the tools to keep the weight off!

Transitions Lifestyle Solution® (TLS®) is different. We ditched the scales and calorie counting for our four components: Low-Glycemic Impact Eating, Improved Body Composition, Science-Based Supplementation, and Education. These four cornerstone components help you create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle works for you! Here’s how:

  • We Teach You Healthier Habits for Life
    Eventually, because no one wants to live off of cabbage soup for the rest of their lives, your diet ends. Then what?  TLS® Weight Loss takes a different approach, teaching you why you’re choosing certain foods and how those foods impact your body and your life. Not only will you know which choices to make, but you’ll also know why you’re making them!
  • TLS® Weight Loss Is Flexible
    Life isn’t rigid or predictable, so why would your weight loss solution be? Our comprehensive, educational program is custom-made to fit you and your unique lifestyle – no matter where you are on your weight loss journey. Flexibility is key to the Transitions Lifestyle Solution program which makes it easy to live the lifestyle over the many stages of life.
  • We Offer Coaching & Community
    Weight loss is a journey and we don’t think it’s one that you should have to undertake alone. TLS® Weight Loss offers certified coaches ready to lead you through this life-changing pursuit of health and wellness by providing training, advice, encouragement, strength, and inspiration.  Once you’ve created and customized your program, you can join the massive TLS® family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even keep up-to-date with trends and tips on the TLS® Blog!


What You’ll Eat on TLS® Weight Loss

Like we said, TLS® is a lifestyle. This means you’ll be eating real, delicious, whole foods on your weight loss journey!

Our low-GI based program centers on food quality to help you change your diet by teaching you to choose foods and create meals that help you will feel energized, alert, and productive.  and fuel your body for change.  Controlling the glycemic impact of your foods helps to promote normal blood-sugar levels and enables the body to stay in a fat-burning mode so you see the results you’ve worked so hard for.

Another feature we offer is customized meal plans. These plans use your Weight Loss Profile to determine the best plan of action for your success. We offer a number of different plans ranging from aggressive approaches like 7-Day Detox and Fat Shredder to more gradual approaches like Continued Commitment.

Apart from our menu plans, we also supply useful how-to guides for healthy eating, shopping smart, dining out, making grocery lists and more!


Ready to Get Started?

It’s about time you started living a lifestyle you love, right? You’ve got the goals, we’ve got the tools, and the time to start is now! If you’re ready to change your life and start seeing results, here’s what you have to do:

  • Take the Weight Loss Profile!
    This quiz will help determine the right supplements and meal plan for your goals and can help connect you to a TLS® Coach to guide you on your journey!
  • Grab Your Meal Plan + Supplements
    You can’t out-exercise a poor diet, so it’s time to focus in on nutrition! While you’re making healthy changes, our science-based supplementation is here to help ease you past the roadblocks and keep you moving forward.
  • Join the Community!
    We share tips, recipes, and inspiration on our social media accounts so give us a follow! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest!


So, are you ready to Spring Into Summer and change your life with TLS® Weight Loss? We are so ready to help you make these eight weeks count,
so click here and let’s get started!