TLS® Sure + Steady vs. Rapid Results: The Meal Plan Breakdown

By: Susan Pasqual

So – you took the TLS® Weight Loss Profile and were recommended either Rapid Results or Sure and Steady. Now what? If you’re trying to decide on the best meal plan to really jumpstart your TLS® Weight Loss journey, we’ve got the breakdown for you below!

The Similar:

The Detox:

To start both of these TLS® programs, you should jump in with a TLS® 7-Day Detox.  This detox helps cleanse your palate and prep your body for the important nutrients to come to receive the maximum benefits. Whether this is your first time following a TLS® meal plan or you’re getting out of a plateau, this will help to curb your appetite for sweet, salty and fatty foods. How amazing is that?


Completing and being consistent with your TLS® Health Guide + Journal is essential! Aside from studies showing that it can help you cut calories and lose weight more effectively, it’s a great way to notice trends and patterns linked to your eating behaviors during each meal plan.

Veggies: Despite Rapid Results including a grain-free meal plan, both TLS® programs incorporate all of the macronutrients you will need for a balanced, healthy diet.  Each day, you will consume at least 8-12 servings of fresh vegetables but, don’t worry, this isn’t as much as you think it is. A salad with lunch knocks out 4 cups with your base alone!

Fruits: Since you won’t be reaching for anything sugary on either meal plan, we’ve got you set up to snack on 2 fruits every day for your sweet-tooth fix!  Yes – fruits still have naturally occurring sugars which is why we set a limit, but it’s the added sugars that do the real harm.

Snacks: We did mention you aren’t going to be deprived here, didn’t we? On both Sure and Steady and Rapid Results, you’ll be munching on 2 snacks each day to keep you full + focused. After all, you do have a life you have to live! For your mid morning and mid afternoon snack, it is recommended you grab a TLS® Nutrition Shake because it is jam-packed with the protein (19g) and fiber (10g) you need to keep you going!  Your snacks are a great way to incorporate that serving of fruit, healthy fats, or protein blended into or alongside your shake.

Fats: We can’t forget good fats in a well-rounded and sustainable meal plan! They’re essential for your brain and helps improve satiety long after your meal is over. You should get in two servings of healthy fats daily.

Supplements: With TLS® programs, Rapid Results and Sure and Steady included, it is important to use the recommended TLS® supplements to get the results you’re after. Your Weight Loss Profile has matched you with the right supplements to make getting there a whole lot easier – and a little faster, too! When in doubt, reach out to your TLS® Coach or message us on Facebook or Instagram so we can help you find the right supplement solution.

Exercise: With every healthy lifestyle comes healthy physical activity, so get ready to strap on those running shoes! Or weightlifting shoes. Or soccer spikes. Or ballet flats. How you get moving is totally up to you as long as you’re getting 30 minutes at least 3 times per week!


You Can Stick with It:

Both Sure and Steady + Rapid Results programs can be followed for life!  Yep – this isn’t one of those crash diets. In fact, that’s what all of the TLS® programs – of course, aside from the 7-Day Detox – are designed for and what makes the program recommended for you so special. This is the program you can follow forever! Yup, you read that right…forever! Because each program doesn’t cut out the food groups your body needs for optimal health, you’ll never have to worry about learning an entirely new system!


The Differences: Rapid Results

You probably got this program if you’re highly motivated, dedicated, and committed to reaching your goals. Sound about right? Get ready to break unhealthy habits and start losing excess inches! So, what’s on the menu?

Protein: Protein is a must on any lifestyle program you’re going to be able to stick to, including an aggressive one like Rapid Results! When it comes to metabolism, muscle is the main driver and you can’t build or even maintain muscle without sufficient protein. Women, you’ll eat 4-6 ounces of protein (chicken, fish, meat, poultry, eggs) 3 times per day. Men, aim for 6-8 ounces three times per day.

Rapid Results FAQ:

Q: I see I can eat red meat, but how often?
A: Yes, you can!  Just remember it is high in saturated fat, so set a limit of 1-2 servings per week.

Q: How about dairy, such as milk, yogurt, cheese?
A: Rapid Results incorporates 1-2 daily servings of dairy.  It is optional so, should you choose to eat dairy, be cautious of the serving size.  Also, all dairy has protein, so you may substitute 1 dairy serving for a protein serving.  This happens most with breakfast.  For example, you may have an unsweetened yogurt with some berries for breakfast rather than eggs.  You’ll notice a serving of yogurt may have upwards of 15 grams of protein so this can be a great swap!


The Differences: Sure & Steady 

Perhaps you were recommended the Sure & Steady program instead! This is probably the case if you’re looking to make gradual changes to your lifestyle one day at a time.  It’s a bit less aggressive as many people lose weight faster by eliminating the grains from their diet, but that approach doesn’t necessarily fit all lifestyles and diets. By opting for Sure & Steady, you’ll still see an average of a 1-2 pound loss weekly.

Protein: Just like in Rapid Results, sufficient protein is crucial. For Sure and Steady, you do get to have a bit more though with a minimum of 5 servings rather than 4. Women, you’ll eat 4-6 ounces of protein (chicken, fish, meat, poultry, eggs) 3 times per day on top of 2-3 ounces with snacks. Men should eat 6-8 ounces with each meal as well as 2-3 ounces with each snack.

Starches: Time to get excited about the meals you can make with healthy starches! On Sure and Steady, you can begin adding one serving into your daily meals in the forms of:

  • Baked beans (no sugar added)
  • Beans (red, black, garbanzo, lima, mung, pinto, black-eyed, soy, fat-free refried)
  • Lentils
  • Winter squash (acorn, butternut, spaghetti)
  • Yam/sweet potato (boiled, steamed, baked)
  • Yellow squash

Just keep an eye on serving size! One serving comes out to about 1/2 cup.

Grains: Just like for starches, you’re going to have to monitor a few things in order to see the results you want. For one, serving sizes. Did you know a serving of whole grain rice is often ¼ cup COOKED? Many people eat upwards of 1-2 cups per serving! Usually, servings come out to 1/2 cup but be sure to read the nutrition labels to make sure you’re on the right track.

Next, you’re going to want to ensure you’re eating low-GI grains. We’re talking whole or sprouted grains, not your Sarah Lee white bread. Try to choose:

  • All-bran cereal
  • Barley (pearled or hulled)
  • Bean thread (Chinese noodles)
  • Buckwheat (kasha, groats)
  • Buckwheat (or other whole grain) noodles
  • Bulgur wheat
  • Couscous
  • Egg noodles
  • Hominy
  • Muesli or granola, no added sugar
  • Oatmeal (rolled or steel-cut)
  • Pasta (whole grain, protein enriched)
  • Quinoa
  • Rice (authentic basmati, brown)
  • Rye
  • Sprouted grain bread

There are so many options, and getting bored on this meal plan is not one of them!


So, which of these programs are you excited about starting? Tell us in the comments!