#FindYourFit with a Wedding Season Playlist!

By: Thomas Baker

It’s finally wedding season! If you’re the bride-to-be, playing your part in the bridal party, or just even attending a loved one’s wedding then this playlist is for you! It’s time to take control of those workouts so you can look top notch in your dress! You only have from now to until the ceremony, so let’s get up and get moving!

Walking and running are both popular ways to lose those extra pounds. It doesn’t matter what pace you’re going, as long as you’re working hard! Don’t worry if you can’t walk 5 miles or run a mine in 5 minutes right away. Everyone’s different, and what works for others may not be the best or healthiest option for you. Just focus on working as hard as you can (within reason) for as long as you can.

Just in time for this exciting season, TLS has just launched their TLS Bridal Bootcamp Kits! These kids contain everything you need to reach the altar looking and feeling healthy + fit. Whether you’ve got one month or three, there are plenty of customizable options to choose from. Now, not only do you have a perfect playlist, you’ve got the supplements + meal plans to kick your fitness into high gear!


Whether you’re enjoying the breeze at a slower jog or walking as fast as your legs will carry you, we’ve got the playlist to fuel your efforts + let that confidence shine through once you put on your dress!

Just plug in this playlist, and get out there to #FindYourFit for wedding season:

  1. Miracle – CHVRCHES
  2. Talia – King Princess
  3. Ferrari – Bebe Rexha
  4. Better Not – Louis The Child, Wafia
  5. Let Me – ZAYN
  6. One I Love – BATE, Blake Rose, Radio 3000
  7. Stuck With Me – Tinashe, Little Dragon
  8. Come Thru – Phora
  9. Yellow – Mavi Phoenix
  10. New Rules – Dua Lipa


What are your favorite songs to power you through a wedding season workout?
Let us know in the comments below!