Guest Blog with Healthful Living with Nancy Anne

*** The following is a Guest Blog from Healthful Living with Nancy Anne***

For years I had been carrying excess belly fat round post pregnancy. They are now 8 and 9.  But I did nothing to make a change. My long-time friend Anne was involved in the UnFranchise business and I watched her for 6 months before jumping in with both feet. One of the programs that her UnFranchise business promotes is TLS SLIM. It was for weight loss and lifestyle change: exactly what I needed. While I am the custodial parent of my two boys and have very little time for myself, I’ve decided that it has been way OVERDUE that I make a change on myself. Hence, I  started this program as my new year resolution.

Phase 1: 7 day detox program with our NutriClean system. I lost 4 lbs.
Phase 2- Repair phase- exercise and a selective menu plan with protein shakes- a 2-week program. 5 days into this phase 2, I lost another 2 lbs

My waist has gone down 1.5 inches and I feel like I have the metabolism of a woman 11 yrs younger than my physical age. I am lighter, cleaner, and look forward to fat burn every day. While I stayed away from my scale for months, I now love getting up in the morning and seeing the digits go down. I lost the addiction to coffee, and now I am addicted to weighing myself every morning 🙂

I love this program and I love what it has done for me!


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