5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight for College Students

Headed to campus this fall? Check out a few helpful ways to eat well and maintain a healthy weight in college!

Avoid late night eating: It is no secret that being in college means freedom; however that freedom should be closely monitored. Eating junk food at 1:00 AM in the morning is not ideal if you want to manage a healthy weight. Put down the pizza and pick up an apple to help you cram for those exams.

Avoid Riding the Campus Shuttle: When you are running late to a class located on the far side of campus, it is only logical to ride the shuttle. Unfortunately, riding the shuttle once means that you will likely ride it again and again. Get out and walk to class daily and you will be surprised how walking can help you manage your weight.

Avoid multiple plates in the dining hall: College is all about finding yourself and exploring new things. Having a buffet style dining hall means that there are endless amounts of food for you to experiment with, but you should eat those foods in moderation. One plate per visit to the dining hall will cut down on overeating and result in a slimmer you.

Get Involved: Whether it is a club sport or taking exercise classes at the recreation center, get out and get involved. You will be amazed that when you’re busy socializing you will not have a tendency to eat because you are bored. Go all out and you will definitely see results.

Get a good night’s sleep: College wouldn’t be college if you didn’t stay up until 3:00 AM cramming for an exam that could make or break you. However, consistently getting inadequate amounts of sleep could result in unnecessary weight gain because you are constantly reaching for a cup of coffee and a doughnut to go with that coffee. Get a jump start on your studying so that you can avoid sleep deprivation!

What  are your tips for maintaining a healthy weight in college? Comment and share with us below!