Using Stevia in Soft Drinks Could Cut 6,000 Calories per Year from the Diet of Consumers

Mark Lange, PhD

According to Euromonitor International, reformulating about one-fifth of carbonated drinks to contain less sugar, by using stevia, could reduce caloric intake between 6,000 and 10,000 calories per person.

The switch to stevia would reduce the average caloric content of a cola from 139 calories to 97 calories.  Assuming a person consumes two cans per day, the annual reduction is about 6,000 calories.  This translates to a per capita weight loss of nearly two pounds.  Because of the link between chronic high sugar consumption and type 2 diabetes, the implications go beyond weight loss.

Soft drinks are seeing more widespread use of stevia and this offers the best opportunity for manufacturers to impact consumers’ sugar intake and calorie intake.  While the reduction may seem modest, it could still have an impact – one which many consumers would be pleased to accept.