Staying Positive with Social Media

By Kristin Pulling

With so much negatively in the media today, we have likely all experienced increased stress levels while browsing social media. Negative posts range from heated political debates to news on foreign wars. It is understandable why people often feel down after scrolling through the seemingly endless bad news.  However, social media is undoubtedly a great tool for holding yourself accountable during your weight loss journey. Here are some tips for staying positive on social media:

  1. Share progress pictures — Not only will this help keep you accountable, you will be encouraged by other’s positive feedback!
  2. LIKE other people’s posts — By liking other’s posts, you will begin to create friendships and a sense of community.
  3. Share funny videos — Laughter is a surefire way to relieve stress and brighten up your day!
  4. Don’t be afraid to “un-friend” — Is there a certain someone who is constantly bombarding your news feeds with complaints? Don’t let that negativity bring you down – defriend or hide posts from any Debbie-downers
  5. Follow people or companies that inspire you — Surrounding yourself with positivity will help keep you encouraged to dream big and reach your goals.