A Change in Body and Mind

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While any weight loss journey is about physical transformation, it’s often the changes that take place on the inside that make the difference for success, and prove to be just as rewarding. All of our TLS Success Stories report great results when it comes to weighing less and looking better, but many are even more excited to talk about how their achievements have made them feel.

Annie Cheng, a participant in the Find Your Fit 2013 Spring Challenge, begins her story by talking about enjoying her young life and, just like anyone, enjoying her food. As time went by, however, that enjoyment changed and then disappeared altogether.

“My weight gain has steadily been increasing since my senior year in high school.  I used food to cope with stress instead of dealing with issues… I am now 28 years old, for the past 10 years I have been in ‘hiding’.”
“It wasn’t just my physical self that changed… I never wanted to be in photos. I would make up excuses to miss out on parties or social events. I lost touch with a lot of friends because I didn’t feel comfortable around anyone.”

As a young lady who had once been friendly, outgoing and social—and deep inside, still wanted to be—Annie was confused and upset, and for a time even believed she was alone. Fortunately, things soon changed for Annie. It all started with an invitation to hear about a new program, delivered by an old friend:

“I was encouraged to join the TLS Find Your Fit challenge by my best friend Dao Van. At the time, I didn’t know anything about TLS or its products. Dao wanted to help me so much, that she bought me a ticket to attend a TLS training seminar. At the TLS training seminar, I was introduced to Bernice Pan by Dao. We talked a lot that day and we really connected. That’s when our journey began.”

Working together, Annie and her Coach produced great results. After just 12 weeks, Annie Cheng had lost nearly 30 pounds!

Speaking about her results, Annie gives much credit to both her Coach and the TLS program: “Bernice educated me about the TLS products; she made sure I fully understood why I was doing what I was doing. I learned about healthy eating and a low glycemic diet. Bernice came over to my condo twice a week every week for three months to work out with me. Our workout sessions always ended with a satisfying healthy meal and discussions about how TLS has helped me.”

As happy as TLS Weight Loss Solution is to provide great information, products, and guidance, it’s the community of support among members and the willingness to change among individuals that makes so many of these success stories a reality. Best of all is the fact that these stories don’t have an end– in Annie’s words:

“My weight loss journey is still ongoing. I am very grateful to have found such an amazing coach and friend. I am extremely happy that I found TLS and I can now say I have my life back and it is only going to get better from here.”