TLS Tuesdays: Sandi Rodriguez

By Olivia Mungal and the TLS Team

During the Find Your Fit Challenge, we were fortunate enough so many of you were brave enough to step up and change your lives so dramatically. Individual contestant Sandi Rodriguez lost 16 pounds during the 12-week Challenge and continues to lose more as she finds her fit!

Sandi had struggled with her weight since she was a young girl and experimented with fruitless fad diets as an adult.
“My weight has always been an ongoing concern for me.” Says Rodriguez. “I have memories of grade school thinking other girls were thinner than me, wishing that I was thin like them. As an adult I’ve tried in the past so many ‘craze’ diets! I really just need to call it ‘crazy’!”


Like many who struggle with weight, Sandi had to challenge herself and change the entire way she thought about her health and herself. “My metabolism was crushed to the level of a snail! I could just look at carbs and they went straight to my hips and belly! When I initially tried TLS prior to this year, my brain still had the ‘diet mentality’. I’d go buy a BIG bag of Peanut M&M’s and eat pizza till I was stuffed Sunday night before I’d ‘start’ TLS on a Monday! This has been a mental journey for me to realize it is a lifestyle! Finally I GET IT!” Thanks to my TLS coach Katie Six for ongoing inspiration and belief in me!”


“What changed for me?” She asked. “I believe it’s about finally wanting lasting results, that I could be an incredible example of health to my two year old son. It’s about being able to get down on the floor and play with him and not having trouble with my hip and back, which my weight has played a big part in. It’s about being able to teach him the lifestyle of true health. He loves broccoli! He imitates me exercising! I could cry knowing what impact I am making in his life! I want to be the best me I can be!”

As Sandi puts it, “I am living the lifestyle and I LOVE it! I have changed my identity. It IS who I am!”