Your Survival Guide to Hot Drinks this Fall

With fall on its way and colder weather becoming the new norm, you may be more easily tempted by a warm pick-me-up at Starbucks.  Depriving yourself of these occasional treats isn’t always the best weight management strategy as the craving for something sweet can hit you at the worst possible time.  Keeping these cravings in check and effective weight management starts with a little planning.  The top 5 drinks listed below will give you a general guideline for what to look for when choosing a drink so you won’t be bombarded at your weakest moments, such as when you are studying late at night, shopping at the mall or driving home from a long day.

The top 5 All Star drinks that give you the much needed energy boost without the guilt:

  1. Skinny Caramel Macchiato: who says that taste has to come at the expense of diet? By ordering this drink, you still get the benefits of Starbucks high quality espresso roast.  The only difference is that the skinny version uses sugar-free vanilla syrup and freshly steamed nonfat milk.  And wait the best is yet to come…you still get to enjoy a drizzle of caramel on top (for a grand total of 190 calories vs. 240 calories).
  2. Skinny Flavored Latte: with a few minor changes, such as choosing nonfat milk and sugar-free syrup, you can feel as satisfied with this drink as with a regular latte.  (This has 130 calories vs. 240 calories in a regular).
  3. Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte: ask for nonfat milk and sugar-free cinnamon dolce flavored syrup, and you will consume 80 fewer calories.
  4. Caffè Americano: has only 15 calories.  For a boost of flavor, choose a sugar-free syrup.
  5. Nonfat Caffè Latte: has around 90 calories. For more flavor, ask the barista for an extra shot of espresso.

As you can see by choosing nonfat milk and sugar-free syrup, you can still feel energized without compromising your weight management program.  Like everything else in life, weight management is all about balance.  The main goal is to train yourself to pick the healthiest option available.  After all, life is too short not to enjoy a simple pleasure like coffee!