Holiday Tips – Part 2

Maintain Don’t Gain this Holiday TLS Tips (5 – 13)

This is our second blog to help you enjoy your holiday season and still thrive.

Be sure to catch the first one if you missed it.


  1. Bring TLS friendly snacks wherever you go

A big purses or a small coolers is your best friend. We all know running around with a million errands and to-do lists means time we didn’t expect to spend driving around and inevitably skipping meals and ending up in a drive thru. Pack a small cooler with boiled eggs, cut up veggies, a salad, fruit, and your TLS Nutrition Shakeand you are set. A little prep prevents unwanted pounds!


  1. Avoid snacks in the break room at work

Office treats, snacks and homemade baking are at all time high this time of year – it is best to AVOID the break room at all costs. Bring your TLS Nutrition Shake or other TLS friendly snacks to work! Did you know you can bake delicious flour-free, sugar-free muffins & breads with our shakes? Download our free Shaking & Baking recipe document here! 


  1. Use smaller plates for buffet-style

The next 8 tips will be a survival guide for Holiday Parties & Festivities – It is inevitable you will end up encountering the all-too-tempting buffet style party table. Grab the smaller plate or napkin to serve yourself to gently remind yourself of smaller portions.


  1. Go to the party FULL! 

Eat a healthy snack, meal, or have a TLS Nutrition Shake before going to a party to ease hunger, cravings and temptations. Our Nutrition shake has 19 g of protein, 10 g of fiber and 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and if you add a small serving of your favorite fruit, some spinach, zucchini, cucumber, and kale, you will be satisfied but not alter the incredible flavor of our shakes.


  1. Don’t congregate in the kitchen or by the food

It never fails, we tend to congregate in the kitchen or near the food table and grab items to munch on unconsciously. Be sure to move away from those areas, so you won’t be tempted to eat while you talk. Remember, conversation is calorie-free, and connection is more fulfilling!


  1. Scope out the food ahead of time 

In order to pre-select your choices, scope out the buffet or food options prior to approaching with a plate. This will ensure you stay away from rich or sweet items. Fill you plate with high fiber veggies /dishes first, proteins next and starches/grains last.


  1. Watch your portion sizes. 

A good visual tool when serving yourself, is to use your hand as a guide. Veggie dishes = size of your hand. Protein = Your palm. A starch or grain the size of your fingers. Strategies from Tips 2, 7 –10 will also help you with this.


  1. Enjoy a TLS Trim Tea/ Trim Café.

Our TLS trim tea and café has GoTrim IG which supports leptin sensitivity to help manage and curb hunger and stimulate lipolysis (the breakdown of fat). It promotes healthy weight management by helping to reduce the amount of ingested starches from being stored as fat. Not to mention many other health benefits. Before you go to the party, enjoy a cup hot or cold, or bring a packet with you. BYOB 😉


  1. Avoid drinks mixed with sodas & juices.

We know for many, additional drinking is part of the season, but remember, alcohol is already filled with empty calories and sugar that goes straight to the waistline. It is also wise to avoid mixing with milk and creams. Unsweetened sparkling waters/soda, fresh lemon, limes, or the fun flavored liquid stevia’s at the grocery store are a better option. Choose wisely, set a limit for the week or event and stick to it.


Share these TLS tips with your friends and family who are also looking to stay on track with you!

Melanie D. Nelson

Director of TLS