Social Media Monday: #TLSWeightLoss

By: Christine Howard, Social Media Community Manager, Health & Nutrition

Welcome to another edition of #SocialMediaMonday. The power of hashtags, on the right platform, can be an incredibly powerful tool. As UnFranchise Owners, you have the opportunity to influence others through your social media platforms. By using #TLSWeightLoss (and other related TLS hashtags), you have the chance to gain even more exposure by engaging with those who also use this hashtag. Better yet, you can connect with potential customers who are starting to explore the world of TLS.

As you follow along the social media journey of TLS on Instagram, you will notice that a handful of hashtags are always incorporated into our posts. By doing so, we create several hashtag feeds that you can follow along. From these hashtags, we also search for User Generated Content (UGC), to include on our channels. We love to share product photos and TLS shoutouts from our beloved customers, advocates, coaches and trainers.

Check out some UGC we’re loving right now along with their top hashtags included on the post, #tlsweightloss. With over 25k #tlsweightloss hashtag posts, it’s time to put your hat in the ring. Start utilizing the hashtag in all related posts for your chance to be featured on our social media channels. Plus, further connect with our TLS community by sharing your favorite products or success story from living the TLS lifestyle. See you on #TLSWeightLoss.

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