Quality Quarantine – What to do to maximize your time at home and stay productive and engaged!

After a few days/nights of Netflix binging, even the most dedicated streamer tires of sitting on the couch watching other people’s lives. Personally, I live by this motto; “ I would rather live my own life than watch other people’s”. So here are some ideas to keep your mind, body and spirit occupied and healthy!

A schedule to maintain your mental and physical health is important

  1. Get up at a set time
  2. Take care of your body and mind before you open any devices
  3. Next, organize the day’s schedule and activities.
  4. If you can take an afternoon or evening walk around the block, the neighborhood, the nearby park, without any devices
  5. Eat well. Keep it clean and healthy – You don’t want to come out of this thing with a ‘Quarantine 15’, instead get lean during quarantine! This is an excellent opportunity to get your body in tip-top shape!



  • Now is a great time to try your hand at some new dishes you have never had the time or creative space to try! Download our FREE TLS recipe books on our site under resources. TLSSlim.com


  • Find a small space in your home, your own body weight is enough if you don’t have any equipment, but you can always order some online! Resistance bands and a mat is sufficient!
  • Download a fitness App and try a new workout everyday
  • dance parties
  • Yoga
  • Meditation


When this is all over there will be people who will be in need. The economic effects of this will hurt many families; so #1 on my list is ORGANIZE, TOSS & DONATE

Tackle one room at a time, the cupboards, closets & drawers, the pantry.

What are you keeping, tossing and donating??


RE-CONNECT: Using Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Video Calling, FaceTime or Zoom, re-connect with existing or old friends for family members. This is crucial for our mental wellbeing.

Who is first on your list to catch up with?



  • Remember when we used to put on plays or concerts for our parents? Why not now! Good ‘ole fashioned home theater.
  • Board games – Monopoly, Pictionary, etc.
  • Card Games – 31, poker, canasta, buck yueker, frustration, etc.


READING BOOKS – Feed the MIND – alone or reading them TOGETHER as a family!



A few years ago Coloring books made a comeback, but for adults. Why, because they are calming and fun! You can buy them online or in your everyday grocery store or dollar store.

Painting is very therapeutic. Learn to sew or knit, most things can be learned on YouTube these days. Pick up a new crafty hobby, Michael’s is doing curbside pick up in some areas.



– Write that book you have been meaning to write.

– Start a business – Here at TLS we have always been Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch, One to One marketing, coupled with Online retailing. Contact your TLS coach to learn more about what we are doing to help others and build a business from home.


Thanks for reading!

Remember you are worth it!!


Melanie D. Nelson