Quick TLS® Tips for Healthy Road Trip Snacks!

By: Sue Pasqual

What’s more fun than taking a road trip with your friends and family?  Being able to live free and experience all the beautiful scenery in route to your destination is just what the doctor ordered this summer.  Whether it’s a short 2-hour ride to enjoy an unexplored part of town or a cross-country trek to let loose for a few weeks, packing the right snacks is crucial! We’ve got a few tips to nail your road trip snacks below.

Road trip snacks keep your mind, body, and soul fueled for the upcoming adventures.  Unfortunately, in my experience, I see people packing mostly highly-processed junk food.  I think a piece of that is the convenience of not needing to worry about cooking or refrigeration, but that convenience comes at a cost. If you’re trying to maintain or lose weight, those unhealthy choices are not working in your favor. They leave you tired, sluggish, and far from the life of the party. You might even end up with some…unfavorable gastrointestinal symptoms.

But, you can avoid all of that by sticking to some healthier options! Planning healthy road trip snacks that leave your body fueled without feeling deprived can actually be quite easy. Plus, they’re sure to keep everyone satisfied longer than those gas station “goodies”!

Bring A Cooler

The first thing I always like to remind people, especially if they’re traveling long distances and staying in hotels, is that bringing a cooler is a great way to widen your options for road trip snacks. The easiest healthy treats – I am sure you are very well aware –  are fresh fruit and vegetables! Just fill the cooler with ice at each hotel, and it’ll ensure your fresh food and beverages stay cool and fresh.

It is best to stick to ones that aren’t messy or bruise easily.  For example, berries and cherry tomatoes may get damaged quicker than snap peas, baby carrots, cherries, and apples.


Don’t Forget the Sauces!

Don’t worry – you don’t have to eat those healthy snacks raw & plain!  Pack small cups to divvy up some ranch dressing or grab a few individual packets of hummus and guacamole. Adding those healthy fats to fibrous veggies and fruits is a good way to keep your brain sharp & keep you feeling full for longer.


Grab Pre-Packaged Packets

Dried fruit is another fan favorite as well as packets of fruits and veggies.  I know you’re thinking those packets are only used for toddlers, but they’re convenient and perfect for adults, too!  They are packed with nutrients, taste great, and you get to skip the mess.  Other easy packable items include almonds, jerky, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, chocolate covered fruit or nuts, whole grain cookies, and even black bean brownies! Especially with today’s health-conscious snacks, you’ve got plenty of options. Oh -and don’t forget about your TLS® Whey Protein Shakes!

Make Salads-on-the-Go

While most people heading out on the road want to stop to experience the local area’s cuisine, there are a few of us who just keep driving until we get to the ultimate destination. If you’re the type who just stops only for restroom breaks, a salad in a jar may be a great option for you!

Simply pack whatever you like in your salad in some glass mason jars and when you’re ready to eat, just pour in a little of your favorite low-sugar dressing on top! This saves you time, money, and you can fuel your body without having to stop and wait for food to be ordered and delivered.




Enjoying a road trip is the perfect way to relax and visit new places, but that doesn’t mean healthy eating has to be sacrificed! Stick to what you know your body works well with, and you can save yourself trouble down the road.