7 Foods High in Calcium

By: Debbie Lui

Many of us know that calcium is an essential nutrient but, according to a recent review study, most adults do not meet their daily recommended calcium intake. ¹ While supplementation is always an option, the best way to meet your daily needs is through a diet that incorporates high-calcium foods! We’ve rounded up our 7 favorite foods high in calcium below.

It plays a major role in nerve function, muscle contraction, blood clotting as well as building and keeping our bones strong. Nowadays, people are becoming more health-conscious and pay more attention to what they are eating. While dairy is well-known for its calcium content, not all of us include dairy in our diets which leaves us to wonder what other foods are high in calcium.  If that sounds like you, check out this list and the following TLS recipes that incorporate our favorite foods high in calcium!


7 Foods High in Calcium


Calcium Content: 800mg per cup

Tofu is made from soybeans which are a great source of calcium, especially for thoe living a plant-based lifestyle!  If you are on a high calcium diet, firm tofu could be your best choice since because firm tofu has more calcium than regular soft tofu. Tofu has a bland taste which makes it perfect for recipes since it can be easily combined with other flavorful ingredients! In addition, it is a low-calorie and low- sodium food as well and is an ideal ingredient for weight loss diet!




Calcium Content: 65mg in a cup

Along with many other types of nuts, almonds pack a lot of nutrition into a small bite!  They can be served as snacks, added to smoothies, or served as a crust or topping for your favorite dishes. With its rise in popularity, almond milk has become another way to use almonds as a way to get more calcium. It’s a great milk alternative and can be used in place of milk in your most beloved recipes! Whichever way you prefer your almonds, you can enjoy its nutritional values and health benefits as long as you skip options with added sugars.



Calcium Content: 200mg in 10 Okra

Okra is one of our favorite go-to vegetables as a food high in calcium. It is a good choice for those who are vegetarian or currently on a detox plan since it offers fiber and nutriends to boot!  Okra tastes delicious in various cooking methods, so don’t be afraid to broil, roast, or experiment with your favorite okra dish today!



Calcium Content: 240mg in a cup

Dark, leafy greens aren’t the only foods high in calcium! Fruits such as figs are also a good source of this essential nutrient. About half a cup of dried figs contain 120mg of calcium, which is almost as much as the calcium content in half cup of milk! Fresh and dried figs can be found very easily in the market, but watch out for the added sugar if you choose the dried option. We love figs on their own but if you are looking for something savory to go with your salad, try adding fresh figs!


Canned Sardine

Calcium Content: 460mg in a can

Besides calcium, canned sardine also is abundant in vitamin B12 and vitamin D, which are beneficial to nerve and skeletal system.  If you are looking for a protein source that is also high in calcium, canned sardine is one of your choices.  Overall it is very easy to prepare and is a perfect ingredient for your salad or sandwich. For a healthier option, always remember to choose canned sardine in water over sardine in oil.



Calcium Content: 975mg in 100g of sesame

Many people are surprised to find that sesame is one of the high-calcium foods, although sesame is usually used for garnishes or seasoning, it can be a great ingredient for a drink like smoothies.  Check out our earlier blog post on chocolate sesame smoothie recipe, all you need to do is to blend sesame seeds, skim milk, frozen banana and TLS nutrition shake all together to make a drink. Adding calcium into your diet can be just as easy as this!


Chia Seeds

Calcium Content: 631mg in 100g sesame

Everyone is talking about the super food—chia seeds lately. What is so special about these little seeds? You may find it surprised that chia seeds actually contain five times more calcium than milk! 100 grams of chia seeds contain 631mg of calcium! For those who are vegetarian, it is also a great source for complete protein and omega-3 fatty acids! You can simply add soaked chia seeds in your salad or drinks such as lemon water or shakes!



Did You Know?


Calcium alone is not enough to build strong bone

If you think that calcium is all you need to maintain good bones, you might need to learn more about calcium.

Calcium alone cannot do the job, it needs vitamin D to aid in bone absorption. Vitamin D plays a critical role in maintaining bone health. This is why we often see milk is fortified with vitamin D. Vitamin D takes an important role in encouraging greater calcium absorption into the blood and minimize calcium loss in urine when our bodies are low in calcium.  A great source of vitamin D directly forms the sunshine, and food sources of vitamin D include tuna, salmon, liver and egg yolk.²


Exercise helps in preventing osteoporosis.

We know that exercise brings numerous health benefits, and it is good for our cardiovascular system, metabolism, moods and emotion as well as our bone strength. Weight-bearing exercises such as jogging, weightlifting, hiking, or dancing are great activities for making our bone stronger. It is because when we exercise, it puts strain and stress on our bones which causes the bones to retain; and the cells within the bone respond by making the bone stronger and denser.²



Besides dairy products, there are many foods high in calcium! The above-recommended food items are great for anyone who is looking for more food choices to increase their calcium intake in their diets.  These food items are very easy to find at the supermarket, and most of them can be found all year long. Be creative with these food items, try adding them to your favorite dishes or drinks. You may create a very special recipe of your own, and most importantly, you can get the calcium you need in your diet!  Don’t forget that vitamin D and exercise are needed along together to build healthy and strong bones.


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By: Debbie Lui



許多人都知道鈣對於我們的健康是不必可少的營養素,它在神經功能,肌肉收縮,凝血以及建立和保持我們的骨骼強壯中起主要作用。雖然如此,根據最近的一項研究顯示,大多數成年人都在日常不能達到鈣攝入量的需求。¹ 有時你可能想知道除了乳製品以外,還有什麼含鈣量高的食物可以選擇。鈣質不是單是牛奶和芝士。 現在,我們越來越注重健康,亦關注飲食。但是,有些人可能不知道應選擇什麼食物來維持營養的飲食。 在這篇文章中,我會跟你們分享奶製品以外的高鈣食物,並會分享一些你可能不知道有關於鈣的資訊。























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最近,每個人都在討論這個超級食品-奇亞籽。奇亞籽有什麼特別之處?你會驚訝發現奇亞籽實際上比牛奶含有多五倍的鈣! 100克奇亞籽含有631毫克鈣!對於素食者來說,它也是可以提供完整的蛋白質和奧米加-3脂肪酸的重要來源!你可以簡單地在沙律或飲品中添加浸泡過的奇亞籽,例如:檸檬水或奶昔!





















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