5 Tips to Staying Fit During Vacation

By: Sue Pasqual

Everyone deserves a vacation. However, it doesn’t need to be a week of self-sabotage.  Staying focused on your weight loss goals is important even during time away from the office.  Certainly, you may have a few meals or cocktails that you normally wouldn’t during the work week, but not over-doing it is important.  Follow these 5 tips to ensure you don’t gain weight during your well-deserved vacation time.

1.) Fit in exercise.  A walk on the beach can be a great way to kickstart a great day

2.) If you indulge, be sure to use the TLS CORE supplement before.  It helps inhibit the unnecessary storage of carbohydrates to store as fat and helps you not overeat.

3.) Always start your day with a healthy breakfast.

4.) Drink your required amount of water (8 cups is ideal).

5.) Remember how good you feel when you fuel your body with energizing foods.