High Salt Intake May Increase Risk of Obesity

By Dr Mark Lange, PhD

A study published in the journal Hypertension has shown that high salt intake can potentially increase the risk of obesity in both adults and children. To assess energy intake and salt consumption data from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey, which 458 children and 785 adults participated in, was used as a foundation for this study. The results showed a consistent and substantial association between salt intake and BMI, waist circumference and body fat mass – independent of total energy intake and sugar-sweetened drink consumption.

British Heart Foundation senior dietitian Victoria Taylor said, “More research is needed to understand what might be the reason for this link. Although the amount of salt we are eating has reduced in recent years, we are still exceeding recommended maximums.”

This research further emphasizes the importance of reducing salt intake. Instead of reaching for the salt, try cooking with herbs and spices to add flavor to your meals.