4 Great Reasons to Have a Workout Buddy

Everyone dreads working out sometimes, but exercise doesn’t seem so difficult when you make it a social activity. Here are the top four reasons why working out with a buddy is MUCH better than working out alone.

Accountability.  When your alarm goes off extra early to hit the gym, let’s face it—it’s easy to hit snooze until you absolutely have to be up for work, school, or your non-gym-related responsibilities. But if you have a workout partner, you’ll be standing up your friend if you don’t get out of bed. Work out buddies increase your accountability, helping you work out more consistently. A buddy can give you the extra motivation you need to stay on target, and maintain your fitness routine.

A built-in spotter. When you’re at the gym and need a spot, having a buddy there makes all the difference. Although you can meet people, asking them to spot you, what if there’s no one around? Don’t miss out on your favorite weight-lifting activities! Having a friend means that you never have to worry about finding a trusted spotter. It’s always nice to know your buddy has your back!

Encouragement. Whether you’re on the treadmill, stair stepper, a weight machine, or in a class, having a friend around to encourage you can make all the difference. It’s easy to quit early when no one is with you, but with a cheerleader on your side, that last half-mile doesn’t feel so long and the final few reps go by much faster. Encouragement works both ways, so cheer on your buddy if you expect encouragement back!

Fun. Humans are social animals, and we crave the company of other people. Working out with a buddy is just flat out more fun than working out solo. When you’re with a partner, you can crack jokes, swap stories, and make conversation, helping the work out seem less like work, and more like an upbeat hangout session with a favorite friend.

Now’s the time to find a buddy to be your workout partner and get social, get friendly, and get fit. What are your top reasons for having a workout buddy?