How Sleep Affects Your Weight

Healthy weight and sleep go hand in hand.  Do you know all the different points of sleep intervention available to you through proper diet and supplementation?  Your ability to make healthy levels of serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for optimal mood & healthy weight, which quiets food cravings and assists you in the production of melatonin) is not possible if you are not vitamin D sufficient.

Vitamin D, as a pro-hormone, activates an enzyme called tryptophan hydroxylase 2.  This enzyme allows for Tryptophan to be converted into serotonin.  A different enzyme that may prevent you from making serotonin, found in the gut is halted by Vitamin D.  If this second enzyme TPH1, studies show, is not adequately halted, there is a pronounced increase in gut inflammation and potential immune concerns.

While many dieters buy into the idea that a healthy lifestyle is as easy as watching what you put into your mouth (and that IS a great start) true well-being understands the importance of all “fat factors” including nutrient sufficiency and sleep.