5 Fun Facts About Spinach

Not only is spinach is one of my favorite foods, it also happens to be a very low-GI vegetable. Additionally, spinach is a great source of vitamins and minerals!

Read on for fun health facts and discover why you should incorporate more spinach into your diet today.

1)     Spinach grows very fast. It can be harvested and eaten after only 37 to 45 days! For that reason, it is available fresh year-round.

2)     You may add spinach to your favorite TLS Shake recipe for added vitamins and nutrients. Though the spinach will add a green hue to your Shake, it’s flavorless!

3)     Spinach can be enjoyed at any meal! For breakfast, you can incorporate spinach in a dish such as an omelet, for lunch as a salad and sautéed as a delicious side to your dinner.

4)     Despite leafy vegetables such as spinach containing more vitamins and minerals than other vegetables, spinach also contains fewer calories (a 1-cup serving size of spinach contains 7 calories) than others.

5)     There are three types of spinach: savoy, flat or smooth-leaf and semi-savoy. Savoy spinach has curly leaves in a dark green color, smooth-leaf or flat spinach is unwrinkled and spade-shaped, and semi-savoy spinach has slightly crinkled leaves.

Tell us how you incorporate spinach into your low-GI diet?