We are headed into the thick of holiday party season and we want to continue with our proven holiday tips, so you can thrive this holiday. The goal is to enjoy the season without the guilt or weight-gain after. Here is tip 14 – 21.


  1. Take your TLS CORE

It is easy during the holiday season to get out of a routine, one routine to be diligent on is taking your TLS CORE, Fat and Carb inhibitor. Our beloved TLS CORE assists in inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates. It may help to suppress appetite by promoting a feeling of fullness by supporting leptin sensitivity. Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain you are full; we want to be Leptin sensitive! Thank you, CORE, a perfect side kick during the holidays!


  1. Hold strong against the social pressure 

It can be difficult to be the “only one” not indulging. People tend to say “oh it’s ok – Just have one”, or “Let go – You only live once” or “One isn’t going to kill you”, but they are not the one’s living with the choices. You are strong and independent. It’s your life and they don’t live with the consequences of your choices. This is why tip #3 is so important, check out the first Holiday tip blog


  1. Keep exercising!! 

As busy as it can get, know that even an intense 10-minute workout is better than nothing! Don’t stop exercising, this will slow the metabolism and fat burning, not to mention release endorphins and reduce stress. A short but intense workout can boost the metabolism for up to 18 hours! Say it aloud; “Fit it in my fitness”.


  1. Reward yourself with something other than food;

Reward systems are important aspect in hitting any goal.

Set up a reward system that includes down time, a new outfit, tickets to a game or concert, a spa treatment, etc… Breaking the emotional link to food is an important step in having control over food, instead of the other way around.


  1. Make sleep a priority. 

Not enough quality sleep disrupts our body’s ability to repair and regenerate. As far as how it impacts our weight management goals; a lack of sleep causes us to crave more carbohydrates and decreases our leptin sensitivity which leads to overeating and fat storage mode. It is important all the time, but especially during busy and stressful times, to get enough sleep.

Set a fun sounding alarm on your phone to remind you to get ready for bed at a decent time when at home and not out and about.


  1. Be aware of EMOTIONAL eating. 

Happy, sad, bored, stressed, reaching for food is not an uncommon choice. The KEY is to become aware when we are doing it and to make a different choice. Choosing to call up a good friend for a heart to heart, start that project we are procrastination on, or make a hot cup of Trim tea instead will be far more fulfilling!

This is a great affirmation we have in TLS; “I eat for fuel not feelings, I exercise for life not punishment”


  1. Take your TLS ACTS

Do the Holiday’s stress you out? Cortisol is our ‘stress hormone’. Among many other negative effects, it can prevent the body from releasing weight and can even cause us to gain weight. To support a healthy stress response be sure to take your TLS ACTSJust check out all these amazing benefits.

  • May help to minimize certain stress related issues (weight gain, difficulty sleeping, etc.)
  • Helps to reduce stress placed on the adrenals to perform, thereby helping to decrease the possibility of adrenal fatigue
  • May help to support normal hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal (HPA) functions
  • May help support stress-related adrenal functions
  • Helps to promote healthy levels of cortisol
  • Helps maintain healthy levels of both serotonin and dopamine
  • Helps enhance and stabilize mood
  • Helps to stabilize emotional responses to stress
  • May help to maintain normal thyroid function



A detrimental strategy is to limit your intake of calories, or skip meals leading up to, or after the big holiday meal days. This has the opposite effect long term than intended. It puts the body in fat storage mode. #yikes

If you starve yourself during the day, you could wind up SO hungry that by the time you sit down at the dinner table you eat WAY too much food. Eat a healthy breakfast and a protein-packed lunch before the big feast and follow tip 24 – which is coming up soon – and you will be far better off.


Thank you for reading, feel free to share it.

You are worth it.

Melanie D. Nelson

Director of TLS


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