Transformation Tuesday—Brent Steinbach

Being fit can have an array of definitions depending on who you ask.  Take Brent Steinbach, for example. Brent was never a stranger to the gym, dedicating much of his time to becoming the ultimate power lifter.  However, after facing a couple of severe medical issues, he questioned whether he should continue down the same path.

After an eye-opening experience, he decided the biggest benefit for his future was to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and not just being strong.  Brent was invited to participate in the TLS Find Your Fit Challenge by a friend.  Looking for a way toward a healthier lifestyle, and no stranger to competition, he signed up.
“The before pictures said a lot to me.  I heard someone say to me once, ‘If you think you look good in the mirror, turn around.’ This was a reality check for me when I saw the pictures. My first team cardio run was not enjoyable; in fact it was hard.”

Brent had to adjust from his life of simply hitting the gym and lifting weights; instead, it was about taking care of his entire body.  Strength training is part of staying fit, but achieving optimum health and fitness through diet and regular exercise is another story.  The ability to form new eating habits – as well as added support from TLS supplements – is what helped kick Brent’s body into gear.
“I quickly found how easy it was to adapt TLS Weight Loss Solution into my busy lifestyle. Many times I would leave home for work at 7:30AM and not return until 8PM,” Brent said.  “Having the TLS shakes available meant that I could have a snack/meal anywhere.”
He added: “The belly fat that I had been carrying began to dissolve as a result of the system and TLS Tonalin CLA.  TLS CORE helped me to not feel deprived or hungry, but rather satisfied and content. The presentations helped me understand the products, usage and benefits of taking them.”

After being acquainted with the TLS system, Brent was assured he could carry out his new lifestyle.  He enjoyed facing the new challenges and wore his confidence on his sleeve.

“The more progress I made, the better I felt, the better I looked, the more confident I became and the more I wanted to share… it is a lifestyle.  When I tell people that I eat real food and that there is a program for every person they become even more interested.  The results speak for themselves.  During the 12 weeks, I lost 31.2 pounds, 15.1% body fat, 18.75 inches and gained 14.4 pounds of muscle.”

The TLS Find Your Fit Challenge helped to provide Brent with a new meaning of being fit.  He shows that even regular gym goers may be missing out on the incredible life journey of maintaining a healthy body.  He loves the lifestyle and the transformation of his habits.  It is important to remember that strength comes from within, and not just what you see.