TLS Tuesday- Jennifer Le Sueur

As with any weight loss journey, there are always difficult moments to overcome.  The fear of failure and doubt manipulate your thoughts. It takes a transformation of the mind to stay on the right track.

Jennifer Le Sueur- a young, diligent individual- was in the midst of trying to balance the stresses of work and life.  She noticed that her weight was getting away from her, and grew concerned about her future health.  An opportunity presented itself in the form of the TLS Challenge, and she decided to embrace it. “Every difficulty is preparation for an opportunity,” she told herself.

“In the beginning, it was hard for me to transform my mindset revolving around food… I found eating as a form of comfort and a way to release any type of stress in my life. But through TLS, I have overcome that mindset.”

Jennifer hit the ground running with newly refined hope and confidence.  She saw her goal becoming reality with each step in the right direction.

“The entrees, and especially the protein shakes, came in handy (I absolutely love the shakes)… I have found new outlets—like working out— as a release to the stressors in my life. Even learning different exercise techniques and weight lifting (something I was always nervous to do) was a great experience.”

Jennifer ended the challenge with a total weight loss of almost 30 pounds!

“The new food, exercises, and information I have gained throughout this challenge will stay with me forever… I know I am able to do whatever I set my mind to.”

Sometimes the biggest source of inspiration comes from the person you see in the mirror every day.

“I look forward to continuing this journey, which has only just begun.”