Have Some Fun- Do a Mud Run!

While tradition typically has people training for 5ks, marathons, and triathlons, there is a new approach to fitness fulfillment bursting on the scene.  Imagine a competition with 12 foot walls, diving boards leading to deep trenches of mud, ice-water pools, and a moat with filled with sharks and fire-breathing dragons circling overhead.  Ok, so maybe not that last part.
While some of this may sound like a bad dream, it is in fact very real.  These things, along with many other challenges, are a part of a typical mud run.  Mud runs distinguish themselves by offering the first ever military style obstacle course for civilians— and they are taking the country by storm, bringing in millions of participants.
Mud run events are increasing in number every year, and have typically turned into day-long festivals, with live music, food stands, and beer gardens.  They provide a new way to get your fill of accomplishment, adrenaline, and camaraderie.   Teams get to help each other through obstacles they never dreamed of facing.
The experience of doing something abnormal and getting out of the rut of your regular routine helps to spice things up.  The experience and stories you take away from doing a mud run are life-long.  It provides an escape from the norm of jogging on a treadmill or just doing yard work on a Saturday afternoon.  If you ever reminisce about being a child again, this is a perfect escape.  It’s like a playground for adults, where you can get dirty and have some fun with your pals.  And for a moment in time, you’re not distracted by the worries of life.