The Habits of Health – Jennifer Richmond Finds Her Fit

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“In many ways, weight has been an issue for me my entire life. As a child, I was very aware of the fact that many members of my family were on the obese side. I grew up dreading that I would share that fate.”

Jennifer Richmond—the third place winner of the TLS Find Your Fit 2013 Spring Challenge—begins her story with what might be a familiar fear, but for her early life she had no major problems with weight. It was only when a sedentary job and a busy home life was established that regular activity disappeared, and her eating became based on convenience rather than nutrition.

Jennifer found herself putting on weight—slowly, but also steadily. She began to take steps, but despite many different approaches, she admits to never getting the right results:

“I would try the new fad diets, with varying success, but could not find anything that was simple and that would fit my lifestyle. After I turned 40, I found that no matter how hard I tried, I could not seem to lose any of the extra weight. Frustrated, I asked my doctor what I could do to try and get myself back on track. He suggested working with a TLS weight loss coach.”

After meeting with TLS Coach Heather Philibosian, Jennifer had a plan in place. She soon realized that TLS Weight Loss Solution was a very unique system, as much for the things it didn’t emphasize as for the things it did:

“The simplicity of the diet ‐ eating whole foods and eating the right foods without having to count calories, carbs, etc. made the plan easy to manage. The weekly TLS videos provided valuable information as well as motivation. The ability to log into the TLS website to log meals and exercise, read about what other people were going through, and to share recipes and insights helped to keep me on track and motivated as I began to break my old habits.”

Jennifer started following her customized TLS Menu Plan, and began incorporating exercise. It wasn’t long before the results came, and more importantly, continued.

“After my first 4 weeks, I had lost 16 lbs – really unbelievable. I still had something in the back of my mind telling me it was all a fluke but I continued to follow the plan and to get advice from Heather. By the time I went in for my 8 week measurements, I began to realize that I was making a lifestyle change and that it really wasn’t going to be hard to stick with it.”

Best of all, with a system that she knew she could follow, Jennifer was finally getting the results the fad diets promised, but never delivered. After just 12 weeks of eating and exercising according to TLS, she had lost nearly 35 pounds, 20 inches, and 14 percent bodyfat!

Jennifer’s transformation hasn’t just been on the outside, either. In her words:  “I am healthier than I have been in years, I feel better, and I don’t dread getting ready for work in the morning or going out at night. I am certain that I would not have gotten here on my own or without the TLS program.
THANK YOU!”TLS Weight Loss Solution offers sincere congratulations, and is proud to provide information and inspiration to participants just like Jennifer. The truth is—we couldn’t have done it without her either!