Strength in Numbers: Community and Weight Loss Success

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As inspirational as they are, many of the images associated with weight loss and fitness present the journey as a solitary struggle. The depictions of the lone runner making their way along the beach, the weightlifter hard at work in a deserted gym and the unrelenting athlete rising up before dawn to begin their routine are widespread and familiar, and they provide a source of motivation for plenty of people.

On the other hand, this is certainly not the only way to succeed with weight loss, and may not be the best. These days, more people are taking advantage of the social aspect of the journey, sharing information, experience and hope with one another—thanks to Facebook and Twitter, these relationships can sometimes be formed across countries!

By making weight loss a collective effort, everyone learns more and improves much faster, and on those days when one member falls behind, another is available to pick them up. This newer approach is a big part of what enabled Cortney Nicolato to lose 53 pounds in 17 weeks with TLS Weight Loss Solution. As her testimony reads:

“I have been sharing my progress on Facebook with my friends. I really started this for my own accountability, but little did I realize the amount of inspiration these posts generated. My facebook family cheered me on with thousands of posts of encouragement. Additionally, I received Facebook messages asking about the program…many of these friends are seeing amazing results.”

For anyone who’s tried weight loss on their own and found the journey too lonely and the pitfalls too many, this is proof that trhere’s hope. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, friends and support networks can be found faster and extend further than ever before. Log on to TLS Facebook today, find a few “likes”, and invite others to join up. Whenever the going gets tough, you’ll find it much easier to get by with a little help from your friends!