TLS Find Your Fit Spotlight: Joseph Farone

Joseph Farone
Before: 276 After: 234

Thank you TLS Weight Loss Solution, coach Lydia, and Market America. My name is Joe Farone and I have struggled with being overweight my entire life. I have attended Lydia’s breakouts at conventions and regionals with full intention to take the step and do it but there always was a reason why I didn’t …until the challenge…I love a challenge. It came at a perfect time in my life as my wife and I had just committed to Market America full time and now I needed to commit to myself and my family as well. I have lost hundreds of pounds in the past with Nutri-System, Weight Watchers, and other fad diets. None of them address the biggest problem….ME. They never cared how I got this way, when I lost the weight they didn’t care if I kept it off and they never talked about “being good to yourself”. Lydia’s Monday night calls made it personal…she made me address those topics; she gave me knowledge and taught me it was okay to care about myself. So I “Got off my butt and out of my rut”.


I have lost 42 lbs in the 12 week challenge. My start weight was 276 lbs and I now weigh 234. My waist size was 47” and is now 39” My chest was 50” and is now 44”. I walk at least two miles a day and do the exercise regimen on TLS. Most impressive is that I did this while being on the road building our MA business 36 of those days…living out of motels and eating food at restaurants 3 meals a day. The knowledge provided by TLS made that all possible. Everything has changed in my life with the weight loss and lifestyle change. I…feel great, feel normal, have more energy, more self confidence, sleep better, have no hip or shoulder pain when I sleep, and analyze food now as fuel. I love…buying clothes in regular sizes, throwing out my fat clothes, getting on the scale, bending over to tie my shoes, and feeling like a normal person. But this is just the start. Your goals and dreams are acquired my taking action in steps that produce the final destination. The 12 week challenge was just step 1, now step 2 is to lose another 20 pounds with TLS by International Convention 2012, then step 3 is to maintain the weight loss and conditioning for the International, Regional and National Conventions in 2013, and then into the future.


I have learned so much from the leadership of Market America and Lydia. I learned they have a passion to help others. They lead by example and share their knowledge with anyone who is interested or is looking for help. They genuinely care about people and that is what makes Market America and the TLS program so special… one to one. I too want to help others and share what I have learned so they can feel as good about themselves as I do… so I have signed up to take the TLS Day 2 so I can continue learning and be a TLS coach. And this leads me to my ultimate goal: to be on stage with Lydia and inspiring those sitting in the seats who feel the pain and isolation of being overweight…those that think they have no hope and have resigned themselves to an unhealthy life just like I did. I want to inspire them to take the first step to a healthy and happy life with TLS Weight Loss Solutions. Everyone who finished is a winner. Thank you for the Challenge. Special thank you to Lydia…Thank you for caring!