You Call That Breakfast?!?

By Olivia Mungal

The perfect start to the day may be breakfast.

It’s no secret breakfast helps kickstart your metabolism for the day, and it can even help you eat more reasonably throughout the day. Only about 1/3 of Americans report eating breakfast every day, and we use the term “breakfast” loosely. Chances are, most of those people are not eating a proper breakfast.

Junk the Joe


If your daily morning mantra involves coffee, you’re not alone. Our very own Coach Lydia succumbs to Starbucks daily (but she also works out for 4 hours a day). However, a caffe latte is not a balanced breakfast. Milk, espresso, and sugar may be convenient, but it’s not Breakfast. Be sure you drink these sparingly and you’re not using these to replace meals (no matter what your barista says).

Stay Away From Carb-Heavy Breakfasts

A large bagel will offer very little nutritional value and cause your blood sugar to spike. Without protein or fiber to slow your digestion, your body will store your bagel into fat before you even have a chance to burn it off! You’re better off staying away.

Pump Up The Protein and Fiber


Eating a meal rich in fiber or protein to help keep you full and give your body slow and steady energy to help you power through your day. An egg white omelette or some greek yogurt with fruit and walnuts will go a lot further than your daily morning latte.