Myths and Facts about Weight Loss

By April Laughlin and the TLS Team

I don’t know about you guys, but I am very tired of hearing so many conflicting arguments on what to eat, how to exercise and what the right way to go about losing weight is. For me, I’m just going to eat better (and in proportion), try to exercise more regularly, and try to get my 8 hours in a night as often as possible.


  • Variety is important—this is true because eating lots of different foods ups your chances of obtaining all the vitamins/minerals you need to stay healthy
  • It is important to exercise—yes! If you simply cut back on the food you eat and do not exercise, your body will think you are deprived of food and will slow down your metabolism (no thanks)
  • You lose water weight first—this is true, when you start losing weight, water weight is the first to go. That doesn’t mean to cut back on water though, water is great for you and denying yourself water won’t cause you to lose more weight in the future.
  • It is best to eat several small meals a day—this is true for most people, but really depends on your personality and lifestyle


The MythBusters are here to save the day once again!

  • If I exercise enough, I can eat larger of quantities—actually your body burns more calories from things that occur naturally, like digesting food, making your heart beat, sleeping, etc.
  • Don’t let anyone see you eating “fattening” food if you are overweight—this isn’t true because no one knows what you ate earlier in the day, if you want a treat, don’t feel ashamed, but also don’t make it an everyday occurrence
  • You don’t have to count calories for nutritious items like fruits and veggies because they aren’t “fattening.” Count calories for everything, calories are calories. However, these are considered “good” calories that benefit you in some way
  • If I eat and exercise consistently, I will never gain weight—not true. Losing and maintaining weight is all about lifestyle changes. You need to make adjustments to your diet and exercise routines as you age, grow and change

These are just a few facts and myths that we came across. What are some popular myths that you know of?