Our New Year Wish for You

We felt strongly about sharing a note from one of our Executives who shares our passion for health, fitness, and success. We wanted to pass this powerful message on to you. Read it, let the words pour into your heart and may it impact you the way it did us.  

“Beginning today, free yourself to move forward and to live life according to your vision and purpose. Right now, throughout your whole being, feel how truly good life can be. Carry that goodness with you as you move forward and create a bright new future.  

A new year begins full of possibilities, hopes, dreams and another opportunity to write the future. Look forward to the opportunity you now have of experiencing life at a new and more fulfilling level. On this very first day of the year, look forward to being the best you’ve ever been at being you. Create a new, improved year by going through it with a new, improved outlook on life. Make this a great year by choosing an attitude that reflects your own unique greatness. 

Give yourself permission to be a new, more purposeful, more effective, more loving, compassionate, curious and creative version of you that you’ve always been. Allow yourself to let go of the limitations you’ve imagined and supported, and to soar higher than ever. To have the best year you’ve ever had, live each of its days as the best person you’ve ever been.  

Now is the time. All else is but a memory of what has been or a speculation of what might come. Regrets and wishes will not change what has been or what will be. It is by taking action now, when you can, that you fulfil the best of your possibilities. 

All that you are, you are right now. All that you can be, begins in this moment. Now is a great place to be. For when you live it fully, with love, with gratitude, with purpose, anything is possible. 

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! 

The journey continues…” 


Andrew Weissman 

Vice President