Plan to Succeed: Prepping for the Find Your Fit Challenge

By: Melanie Nelson

With some serious cash prizes on the line, wanting to look great for the holidays, and creating habits that make you feel amazing, there’s plenty of motivation already in play for the Find Your Fit Challenge! However, motivation is like cheap perfume… it wears off.  To set you up to be a WINNER in the next 12 weeks, give yourself the gift of preparing and planning to succeed!

What to Complete Before You Find Your Fit:


Make up your mind to be 100% committed to the Challenge & YOUR GOAL.

What do you want to accomplish? How many pounds do you want to see gone forever? Maybe muscle gains and definition? The more specific you get for your Find Your Fit Challenge, the more likely you are to attain it! Write it down, use a powerful visual image and put it up on your fridge door. You can do anything you set your mind to! Be sure to tell your TLS coach, and your friends and family so that they can support you.


Identify the Challenges You’ve Had in the Past

We’re talking about things like overeating, getting bored eating the same things, or even getting busy and skipping meals. There are strategies for solving these and if it is predictable, it is preventable!

Your Coach is there to support you, so be sure to share those typical challenges with them or with us on social media & the TLS Blog for ideas to overcome them!


Know How You’re Keeping Track

How will you track your daily habits and progress during the Find Your Fit Challenge? A dedicated notebook, online document etc…? Whichever you choose, make sure it’s visible and easy to access at all times. If you’ve got a notebook, keep it on the kitchen counter, on your desk, or in your purse. If it’s an app, make sure it’s right on your home screen & that you’ve enabled notifications. Tracking what you eat, water intake, the exercise you get, increases your success rate substantially. We highly recommend utilizing the beautiful TLS® Journal & Guide.


Get Rid of the Junk Food

We’re talking out of your refrigerator, freezer, pantry, drawers, and cars. We recommend donating the food or disposing of it. No need for unnecessary temptations! Also, keep in mind that what is healthy for you is also healthy for your family – they don’t need the junk either!


Prep Your Kitchen

Look over your program plan and TLS recipes, make a complete grocery list, then stock up! You can access the TLS Program Menu Plans here. Variety is the spice of life, so include fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, garlic, ginger and spices like turmeric, cumin, cayenne, or lemon pepper. They make the same vegetable medley taste totally different without oils or excess sodium! It’s a great way to enjoy your food and the amazing flavors that nature provides us.


Start with our 7-Day Detox

Taking the NutriClean® 7-Day Cleansing System with Stevia (also included in our TLS® 21-Day Challenge Kit) and following the Detox Meal plan, is a great way to jump-start your challenge. Its purpose is to cleanse your digestive system and curb your appetite for sweet, salty and fatty foods while supporting your weight management efforts.*


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We are rooting for you. Remember, You are worth it!




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