Get a Clean Start to 2016

Are you putting your best foot forward, everyday? Do you feel energetic, well-rested, healthy and relaxed? Have you achieved optimal body composition, and are you happy with your weight? No? Well, then it’s time to detox.

Detoxing is for everyone, because without detoxing it’s highly unlikely that you’re performing to your best ability — even if you feel healthy. This is due to the external and internal toxins that build up in our bodies over time; which are caused by diet and lifestyle, as well as everyday environmental exposure. In order to perform at its peak the body needs to be cleansed of these toxins periodically. Detoxification is the process of removing these harmful substances from the body, in a safe and healthy manner.

To fully comprehend the many benefits of detoxing, it’s crucial to understand how toxins affect our bodies, and why it’s so important to cleanse the body of these pollutants. When there is an overabundance of toxins in our bodies it places excessive stress on the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and digestive system. This can lead to poor digestion, weight loss struggles and the inadequate absorption of nutrients — because like any filter, the liver and its’ supporting detox organs need to be cleansed regularly for normal functioning. If you don’t flush your body of toxinsany healthy foods or lifestyle changes you implement won’t have the full effects that they should, despite your best efforts.

In addition to removing toxins from the body, detoxing also promotes general wellbeing. Purifying your body of contaminants assists with improving metabolism, curbing cravings and jumpstarting weight loss. In a study for theAlternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Journal on the effects of short term detoxification, researchers found that participants had a “23% increase in liver detoxification capacity… There was an increase in the urinary sulfate-to creatinine ratio after treatment, indicating a trend toward improved liver function”[1].

Detoxing also helps repair the immune system, increase energy, slow premature aging and improve mental clarity. Restore balance to your body’s systems and detox your way to a better, healthier you. Put your best foot forward today with a revitalizing detox.


[1] MacIntosh, A. & Ball, K. (2000). The effects of a short program of detoxification in disease-free individuals. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 6(4), 70–76.