How to Make Lazy Days a Thing of the Past

On those dreaded days when movie marathons and junk food are calling, you can still trick your body into a successful day.

Don’t feel like working out? Here are a few suggestions:

·         Before you decide to take the day off, change into your workout clothes and reconsider. You’d be surprised how powerful they can be.
·         Talk yourself into a quick n’ easy workout. Odds are, you’ll decide a little longer won’t kill you and end up on your normal schedule.
·         Name three reasons why working out would be good for you, then three reasons why it would be bad for you. If the good outweighs the bad, go for it!

Tempted by foods you’ll regret? Try this:

·         Tell yourself that if you REALLY want that food then you’ll still want it later- after you check off your to-do list. Maybe in an hour those chips won’t look as delicious.
·         If you need sweets after you eat, reach for a hard mint. This classic “candy” has a slight sugary taste, lasts longer than a cupcake, and will refresh your mind.
·         Realize that eating that food could cause a domino effect. Eating “junk foods” once often leads to stronger cravings more often.
·         Re-create your favorite unhealthy foods. Who says back bean burgers with crisp veggies on toasted whole wheat buns aren’t as delicious as greasy cheeseburgers?

How do you beat a lazy day? Comment and tell us below!