The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines

Gas? Bloating? Diarrhea? Constipation?

Skin, hair and fingernail complaints?

Maybe it is low stomach acid. YUP! Stomach Acid is GOOD for you!

If you are deficient in HCL, Vitamin B’s, zinc or on PPI’s-acid blockers – the above-mentioned maladies may be your symptoms.

Overall digestive health is dependent on sufficient supply/reserve of minerals, B-vitamins and a healthy amount of stomach acid.

Supporting the body’s gastric juices can have long lasting benefits- including improved immunity, weight control as well as cosmetic complaints like red, broken, irritated skin on the cheeks; rosacea.

The body can naturally produce HCL-gastric secretions, when taking in building blocks like: thiamin, zinc, and of course a small amount of iodine.

When pH levels in the GI tract are TOO alkaline, minerals will not be broken down, absorbed or utilized. This puts patients at risk for more than just an upset GI. It sets them up for osteoporosis, hormone disruption and poor cellular health.