5 Days Until January 6th—5 Ways to Create a Resolution Revolution for Your Clients!

The time is nearly here, TLSers!

Starting today, one out of every four Americans will join a gym, start a diet, or both—all in the quest to make their New Year’s Resolution a reality. Another fact: TLS Weight Loss Solution has the programs, the products and the people to make 2014 the last year anyone needs to make a weight loss resolution.
The missing link? A program of ACTION…

The good news is that you don’t have to be a scientist, a personal trainer or a nutrition expert to present TLS Weight Loss Solution. All that’s required is the bravery to dream, the creativity to think, and most importantly, the willingness to act!

There’s any number of ways to introduce people to TLS, to deliver inspiration and to keep all these newfound clients going towards their goals. Use the examples below—gathered from our top Trainers and Coaches—to help plan your own Resolution Revolution Strategy:

1)      Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli – Dr. Nancy acquires most of her new Clients via telephone and online networking. Usinggotomeeting.com, she organizes online TLS Events, showing the Resolution Revolution promotional videos and presenting TLS Weight Loss Solution using Powerpoint. One unique feature is that she prefers to work with Clients in six-week increments, rather than the typical 12-week measure; this carries the advantage of making goals easier to envision and reach.
2)      Coach Marissa Reyes – TLS Coach Marissa Reyes has made use of the Resolution Revolution as a marketing tool within her network groups, and caters not only to people interested in weight loss, but also general health and proper nutrition. She also diversifies her actual training, using a highly structured 12-week program with some Clients and a more relaxed, self-guided approach with others.
3)      Coach Fernanda Santiago – Although she definitely uses social media for promotion, as a relative newcomer to TLS, Fernanda’s focus is on mastering the basics with a more classic, live-action approach. Embracing beauty in simplicity, she finds select venues and hosts Resolution Revolution Events in them. While this may sound simple, it’s her dynamic, charismatic presentation that makes all the difference, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!
4)      Coach Carin Roberts – Coach Carin is also a fan of the direct approach, making it a point to ask prospective Clients if they intend to make a weight loss resolution for 2014, then making mention of the outstanding Holiday Special that TLS is offering, with a free bottle of TLS CORE to go along with a three-month subscription to tlsSlim.com. A big believer in community and goal-setting, she is staging her own 12-week Challenge from January 6th-March 31st. All participants are purchasing Resolution Revolution T-shirts as a symbol of their commitment, and are encouraged to support one another in their efforts.

Building your business using TLS Weight Loss Solution is one of the smartest decisions you can make. It’s simply a question of how to present it in a way that’s compatible with your personal style, as well as the needs of your Clients. As the examples above illustrate, the possibilities are limitless.

Whether you decide to take a page directly from one of our Coaches featured here, combine several of their ideas into one, or come up with something different altogether, the Resolution Revolution is about to arrive. Get ready to make 2014 a year to remember!