Staying the Course of Success


By Tyler Graning

The road to success and the weight loss journey share certain characteristics: a distinct vision, a practical plan, and the discipline to make every day count. These roads can even intersect at times, and the physical trials associated with being overweight can easily become emotional as well, impacting many other areas of life.

In realizing that she weighed more than she wanted to, Julie Weiss Schwartz found she had also lost much of the confidence that used to be such an integral part of her character. The physical discomfort was one thing, but it was what was happening on the inside that moved her towards action.

“Prior to starting the TLS program, I was tired all of the time, I wanted to cover my body, and dreaded getting dressed in the morning. Tears became a daily occurrence as I had difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. My businesses suffered as I lacked confidence to speak to people and attend social gatherings.”

Julie decided enough was enough.  She was presented with the opportunity to take the TLS challenge and was determined to see it through.  She participated in the Fall 2012 Challenge and lost 29 pounds!  This personal victory gave her a newfound determination and attitude, and she decided to take up the Challenge again for Spring 2013.

“I can’t believe my results, and how it has changed my life!  At the beginning of the spring challenge, I weighed 134 and was a size 8… During this challenge I have lost an additional 22 pounds and all over 14 inches… Fitness is now a lifestyle commitment for me and I work out daily… I am a size 2 and I am thrilled to fit into clothes I haven’t been able to for years!  I recently bought a bikini, which I have not been in one since my honeymoon 12 years ago!!!”

Now more than ever, Julie has the self-assurance that enables her to excel in both her business and personal life.  Delighted with her outstanding results on TLS, she is now looking to help others achieve what she has.

“Opportunities just seem to be pouring in… amazing what a little confidence will do!!!  I can honestly say I have become a ‘product of the product’… Now having such an incredible personal experience, I am looking to become a TLS coach in the fall.  I feel this program was a true gift and I would love to help others achieve the same level of success as mine, or more… THANK YOU TLS, I have lost 51 pounds in the combined challenges and lost 23 overall inches.”

Julie’s physical results clearly speak for themselves, and taking the right actions everyday has reshaped not only her body but her outlook. Her testimony is proof that making the most of every day, and every opportunity, leads to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Tyler Graning is an intern in the Product Management Department at Market America. He is a recent graduate from UNCG, with a degree in Marketing.