An Attitude of Gratitude: The Tranformation of Linda Brown


By Tyler Graning

Life seems to pass us by so quickly: from graduating and getting a job, to having kids, and attempting to find a balance between work, family and life.  During all this, there are sure to be times when we experience trials and tribulations that knock us down, and it’s not always easy to stand back up.

Linda Brown is a mother of two living in Milwaukee.  While attending college she danced for a professional dance company, and went on to dance for a semi-professional football team.  As the years passed, however, life continued to get tougher on Linda, and obstacle after obstacle was thrown her way.

“… I was going through a rough period.  I was driving an hour to and from work every day and was very stressed out.  I never saw my children because of it.  I had no time to work out and ate whatever was convenient.  I noticed I started to gain a little weight… I joined a softball team and reinjured my knee I had ACL reconstruction on back in the 90s.  This was one of my worst nightmares!  It turned out I tore my meniscus and had torn cartilage…WHY ME??”

Injured, stressed and unable to exercise, Linda was caught in a depression, and her weight crept up slowly.  It started affecting her relationships at home with her family, her quality of life, and ultimately took a toll on her attitude towards life itself.  Then one day she saw an opportunity for change.

“My sister-in-law came up to me and told me about this TLS weight loss challenge… it wasn’t until the last minute that I decided to enter.  I knew I needed to change and quit feeling sorry for myself.  I thought maybe this challenge would hold me accountable and just give me the kick in the butt that I needed.”

Linda was already feeling better and ready to start making changes after the initial detox stage.  Nothing was going to stand in her way and jeopardize what she had accomplished.  She used the TLS support resources to help guide her through the process and never quit fighting for what she wanted.  In taking these simple steps, Linda achieved great results, and that success helped her develop a new attitude toward life.

“TLS has changed my LIFESTYLE in so many ways.  Not only did I lose 28 pounds but I’M ALIVE!  I am happy to wake up every morning and breathe.  I am worth it.  I deserve to be happy, confident, and healthy.  I owe that to myself and my family.  I believe those words and I am living them…this is NOT A DIET, this is a lifestyle… I want to pass this along and share it with the world.  I want others to feel as good as I do.”

Life knocks us down, but no matter how badly it hurts, we are always able to stand back up.  Linda’s display of courage and determination provides an inspiring testimony.  Her results are proof that it’s never too late to live a confident and healthy life.

Tyler Graning is an intern in the Product Management Department at Market America. He is a recent graduate from UNCG, with a degree in Marketing.